Welcome to ‘Knowledge Hub’ that arouses the curiosity of those who visit.


Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza is composed of many facilities such as the ‘Tourism & Local Information Center’, the ‘Plaza Library’, the ‘Business Support Center’ and the ‘Plaza Hall.’

Come and enjoy the Plaza, a place of information exchange to create new chapter of Kumamoto’s future: Charm and Vitality.


Basic concept: The Plaza brings forth well-being and vitality with the exchanges of people, information and cultures.


【Providing Information】

The Plaza provides a variety of information.

Providing Information

【Spreading Information】

The Plaza spreads tourist information and local information of Kumamoto.

Spreading Information

【Information Exchange】

The plaza provides a place for people to gather and exchange information and culture.

Information Exchange


【Accumulation of Knowledge】

The Plaza accumulates a variety of information and helps people acquire knowledge.

Accumulation of Knowledge



Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza Management Office

TEL: 096-355-7400    FAX: 096-355-7410   E-mail: info@stsplaza.jp